When minutes count

24/7/365 Cloud-Based Maintenance Management for Property Owners and Management Companies

A New Cloud-based Approach to Property Maintenance at a Fraction of the Cost

Whether it be office walk-ins, lengthy phone calls, or endless text and email exchanges, the effort to internally support, manage, and coordinate maintenance goes way beyond the cost of actually doing the work.

Property maintenance often presents unwanted stress on your management team. All it takes is one angry tenant screaming in your lobby or on the phone to upset the entire office.

Maintenance plays a large role in your office infrastructure. If you are a property manager or investor, adding more properties can stress your current operations and restrict your ability to scale your business.

With maintenance-related fraud on the rise, having a system that makes every maintenance decision fully defensible to clients or investors is key to removing the daily friction that slows your growth.

We bring to our clients almost 30 years of experience as real estate investors, property managers, and as a maintenance support organization. A new cloud-based approach to property maintenance at a fraction of the cost of what you're paying now.


Handyman On Demand

Mitigate Property Damage with our Quick Response Team

Dedicated to First Call Resolution, our team follows your policy and procedures 24/7/365. Immediate follow-up with residents, contractors, and property managers on all maintenance tickets.


Because maintenance is the most costly operational expense, we believe it’s important to track every step and decision in our process...


Lee A. Clements is the CEO of Dream Sherpa Labs, LLC, the owner of HandymanOnDemand.com During his 45-year career. Mr. Clements...


Maintenance is a nuisance. A costly expense that sucks the life out of your bottom line. It drains manhours and productivity from...

Start Charging Market Rents and Improve Tenant Retention 

Many property investors will accept below-market rents so tenants hesitate to report maintenance problems. This is a bad long-term strategy and correlates with not having a strong maintenance organization.  This strategy creates unnecessary rent loss, property damage, higher turn-over rates, increased return-to-service expenses, and lowers your return on investment.

We'll Dispatch Your Preferred Contractors

Handyman On Demand is a maintenance management and coordination firm. We dispatch YOUR preferred contractors and follow YOUR policy and procedures. We have sourced thousands of qualified pros and can also tap into our network. We can even secure additional bids when necessary. But rest assured, no contractor ever sets foot on your property unless they have been vetted by us and approved by you.

Credential Management of Contractor Tax Info, Licenses, Workers Comp, and General Liability Insurance

Imagine this scenario. Your painting contractor’s employee falls off a ladder and seriously injures his back. As the ladder slid down your building it struck a brand new BMW just before landing on an elderly lady and killing her dog. You can bet that the attorneys are already looking to sue your business, breach your client's asset protection strategy, and personally hold you financially responsible. This is not the time to wonder if you have all the proper documentation on your contractor.

Enjoy the Freedom to Relax and Unplug from Your Tenants 

No more apologizing to step outside the restaurant only to get screamed at by an upset tenant. Manage your property without the after-hours or holiday interruptions. 

Mobile-Friendly Maintenance Web Page for Your Properties

The common myth is if you make it easy for tenants to report maintenance problems they will indeed report more problems. We’ve debunked this myth long ago. As an investor, you actually want as many people as possible watching your property and reporting their concerns. We suspect the origin of the myth came from investors who didn’t have a well run maintenance organization. We provide you with a customized mobile web app for tenants to report maintenance issues.

Approve Your Maintenance Work Orders with POWERtoolsTM Client Portal 

POWERtoolsTM includes two Approver roles. The first Approver (property manager, maintenance engineer, etc.) authorizes or rejects contractor work orders. The second Approver (controller, finance manager, etc.) authorizes or rejects the payment of a contractor's invoices. Because it's cloud-based, you can do this from anywhere in the world.

Integrates with Top Property Management Accounting Software

Accounts Payable (A/P) posting integrates with the top 16 property management accounting software programs. Includes comprehensive supporting documentation with live cloud-based work order history, resident and contractor dialog, approval chain, and contractor invoices. Everything a client, owner, or investor needs to fully understand why money was spent is always accessible. Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. 

Easily Scale Your Real Estate or Client Portfolio

Have an opportunity to add 1,000 doors to your portfolio? We can help you rapidly expand your investments and eliminate the most time-consuming, stressful, and people-intensive part of managing rental property. Fast account set-up and property on-boarding.