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24/7/365 Cloud-Based Maintenance Coordination


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Maintenance. To a resident, tenant, or HOA board member, it's the one touch point that defines your property management company. Good or bad, it's how you will be rated, reviewed, and remembered. Discover how Handyman On Demand can transform your resident and tenant experience, and grow your property management business.

Maintenance Coordination Defines Your Organization

Maintenance. It's the one touchpoint shared by all tenants and residents when they report a problem. It's the one touchpoint your clients will use to define the competence and professionalism of your property management company. Get it right and you can scale your business. Get it wrong, and you're constantly on defense and churning clients. 


Because maintenance is the most costly operational expense, we believe it’s important to track every step and decision in our process...


Our people are the energy that drives us forward. Their commitment, expertise and diversity are the key to our success in helping clients develop and implement...


Professional maintenance coordination will elevate your organization in the eyes of your residents, tenants, and clients. Handyman On Demand performs...

Improve Tenant Retention and Resident Happiness

Many property owners will accept below-market rents so tenants won’t report maintenance problems and not move out. This is proven to be a poor strategy and correlates with not having a strong maintenance organization. It creates unnecessary rent loss, property damage, higher turnover rates, increased turnover costs, and lowers return on investment. Use Handyman On Demand to keep tenants paying market rents and residents happy.

We'll Dispatch Your Preferred Contractors

Handyman On Demand is a maintenance coordination firm. We are not contractors and we have no affiliation with the contractors in our network. We dispatch YOUR preferred contractors and follow YOUR policy and procedures. We can even help fill service gaps by sourcing qualified pros for your approval. But rest assured, no contractor will ever set foot on your property unless they have been vetted by us and approved by you.

Contractor Document Compliance

Insurance audits and 1099 deadlines are not the time to be scrambling for the proper documentation on your contractors. We handle the tedious work of collecting Contractor Licenses, IRS W-9 Taxpayer Identification, Commercial General Liability Insurance policies, and Workman's Compensation Insurance policies.

Enjoy the Freedom to Relax and Unplug from Your Tenants 

No more apologizing to step outside the restaurant only to get screamed at by an upset tenant. Manage your property without the after-hours or holiday interruptions. 

Mobile-Friendly Reporting Integrates Smoothly with Your Existing Phone System or Tenant Portal

The common myth is if you make it easy for tenants to report maintenance problems they will report more problems. We’ve debunked this myth long ago. As a property owner, you actually want as many people as possible watching your property and reporting their concerns. 

POWERtoolsTM Client Portal Gives You the Power to Review and Approve, in the Palm of your Hand

POWERtoolsTM  is our proprietary, cloud-based, AI maintenance platform you can use from anywhere in the world. Review maintenance requests, bids, approve work orders, contractor invoices, and chat with our maintenance coordinators. No training required (unless you struggle with clicking buttons). 

Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Team will Love Us

Your bookkeeping and accounting team will love how we process the contractor invoices you approve. Every posting includes comprehensive supporting documentation with live cloud-based work order history, approval chain, and contractor invoices. At the click of a link, your clients, owners, or investors can now have full transparency on why money was spent. This is a proven system for reducing client calls where you have to defend your maintenance decisions. 

Easily Scale Your Real Estate or Client Portfolio

Have an opportunity to add 1,000 doors to your portfolio? We can help you rapidly expand your investment or client portfolio, and eliminate the most time-consuming, stressful, and people-intensive part of managing real estate. Fast account set-up and property on-boarding.