Getting Started

OK. let's be honest...

Maintenance is a nuisance. A costly expense that sucks the life out of your bottom line. It drains manhours and productivity from your management team, and even when maintenance is handled flawlessly, it's a thankless task that nobody wanted.

We strive to use maintenance to elevate your company in the eyes of your clients, investors, and tenants. Our goal is to be a seamless, indistinguishable part of your team. To help you reduce costs and increase tenant retention rates. To provide you with the type of reporting that makes every maintenance decision completely defensible. Here's how we get started.

Discovery Call

Our first step is to schedule a Discovery Call. Click the link below to open our calendar. Schedule a date and time that works for you and your team. Once scheduled, you can invite additional team members to the call. This gives everyone an opportunity to ask questions and understand how Handyman On Demand will benefit your organization. 

Build Your Property Database

Every property in your real estate portfolio is unique. Often they have different owners, property managers, on-site managers, and maintenance managers. For this reason we create a unique database record for every unit in your property. This approach allows us to capture maintenance activity and history by unit, show trends, and also show how some maintenance tickets are inter-related. The Property Database stage can take a few hours to a couple weeks depending on the size of your property. If your property has 1,000 units, this process can take a little time. Of course, we'll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Identify Your Management Team

Our process informs your team members in near-real=time. As maintenance tickets are created, we follow your procedures. One of these procedures is to notify key team members what maintenance activity has occurred and what steps were taken to remedy the situation. For some team members the notifications are simply informational. For others, such as property managers and maintenance personnel, the notifications may be informational and actionable. Adding your management team members to our database helps us to follow your policy and procedure when routing notifications.

Preferred Maintenance Providers

Unless your property is a new acquisition in a new city, you likely have a team of maintenance providers that have proven to be reliable. We only dispatch to your preferred maintenance providers. Handyman On Demand is not in the business of contracting or providing repairs. And we don’t profit from the providers we dispatch on your behalf. In this way, you'll know that the only workers on your property have followed your internal protocol for bid authorizations, licensing, insurance, and tax documents.

New Maintenance Provider Sourcing

In some cases, service gaps exist where a maintenance provider has not been identified for certain trades. Waiting until a serious emergency occurs before finding a provider can drive up costs. Handyman on Demand has recruited, interviewed, sourced over 5,000 providers. If additional providers are needed to support your property, we’ll make local recommendations for you to review, and coordinate with them to send you their IRS Form W9, Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGLI) policy, Workers Compensation Insurance policy or a Workers Compensation Exemption Affidavit.

Document Your Policy and Procedure

Our objective is to identify and document how each maintenance ticket should be handled. In some cases, your property may have a maintenance manager, and all tickets go to him or her first. In other cases, all plumbing related tickets are sent to a preferred plumbing contractor. You may want all your maintenance dispatches to be sent to a resident manager or property manager. We identify how different types of maintenance tickets are handled. For example, emergencies have a more urgent priority over regular maintenance. The policy and procedures stage helps us identify how each ticket should be handled.

Build Your Custom Maintenance Web Page

A mobile-friendly maintenance web page is custom built on our system for each property. The website address is private and only provided to your tenants through your internal communication. The page includes a form for submitting maintenance requests, and when submitted, instantly displays in our call center. We have internal procedures in place to identify emergencies (safety, security, habitability, smoke, water, etc.) to make sure real emergencies are given the highest priority over regular maintenance issues.


After some pre-launch validation testing, it's time to notify your tenants and residents of your new maintenance procedure. We can assist with this communication.