Our Promise

Because maintenance is the most costly operational expense, we believe it’s important to track every step and decision in our process. From first call or maintenance request to the final dispatch, every stage is documented and recorded using our proprietary software, POWERtools. This gives the property manager a fully defensible position when reporting to clients why certain decisions were made and expenses were incurred.

It’s also important that we avoid any perception of a conflict of interest. We are not in the business of contracting or providing repairs. And we don’t profit from the providers we dispatch on your behalf. Every provider we dispatch is vetted and approved by your organization.

We follow a set of pre-approved policies and procedures for how each maintenance call should be handled. We use your vetted providers, and if requested, we will help source providers to fill in any gaps in service.

Our History

Founded by Lee Clements in 1995 as Property Maintenance Services, the company rebranded in 2002 as Handyman On Demand.

During the early years, the company existed solely to provide maintenance support for Mr. Clements’ real estate investment and property management firm in Los Angeles. By 2002, Handyman on Demand pivoted to offering maintenance and light construction services to the general public, and within a few years had grown to 4 offices, serving 5 Southern California counties.

In late 2008 the company successfully raised $10 Million in private equity funding to commence national franchising, but the economic recession later that year caused the first round to be withdrawn. In subsequent years the brand and domain had been licensed to our San Diego franchise. Several attempts were made to revive the original franchise model, but after the untimely passing of our securities attorney who managed our franchising efforts, it was decided to hold the intellectual property assets and wait.

Blur white handyman on demand van panning and move

Mr. Clements continued as a real estate investor and founded Dream Sherpa Labs, LLC (DSL), a business development advisory for SMB home improvement companies in the U.S.  DSL provides finance, call center, sales training, marketing, human resources, craftsman and contractor recruiting, safety programs, and advisory services.

In 2022, DSL re-launched HandymanOnDemand.com as a 24/7/365 maintenance dispatch and call center supporting property management companies and investors.

Our Founder

Lee A. Clements is the CEO of Dream Sherpa Labs, LLC, the owner of HandymanOnDemand.com

Since 1995, Mr. Clements has been an active real estate investor, property manager, residential in-fill real estate developer, and home improvement contractor. His industry affiliations include franchising, construction, financial services, real estate development, specialty retail, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace.

During his 45-year career, he has built several successful companies built on an unwavering belief in sound business analytics, a five-year foundation as a corporate finance analyst for a Fortune 500 company, and 10 years as Chief Financial Officer in his own real estate investment firm.

Mr. Clements is an accomplished executive leader and performance-driven professional. He's known for his conservative cost-conscious, risk-averse approach to managing operations, combined with a strong entrepreneurial drive for profit and market opportunity. He’s a dynamic team builder with proven abilities to develop solid relationships with front-line employees, managers, clients, customers, and shareholders.